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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  January 29, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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another deadly officer-involved n oakland, the sec good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." there has been another
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deadly officer-involved shooting in oakland. the second one this week there. this time it happened in the city's rockridge district. don knapp with what police are saying. >> reporter: throughout the day police investigators have been on the scene in some cases down on their knees scouring for evidence in a case made all the more sensitive by the fact that police shot and killed a man who was carrying a fake gun. police say they shot and killed a man wielding what they called a replica assault weapon. one apparently not capable of firing a shot. the shooting came when police answered a call on taft avenue between college and broadway as they approached the home seeing a man carrying the replica and dressed in camaflouge. >> a man exited the home and confronted the officers armed with an automatic rifle. the officers immediately opened
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fire on the gentleman which ended his life. there were three officers that were involved in the shooting. we determined later on that the weapon was a replica assault weapon. >> reporter: while it may have been a difficult call for officers facing what they thought was an armed man, a visitor to the neighborhood saw it differently. >> it was a calm, quiet morning for the block to suddenly fill up with 10 police cars and policemen out on the sidewalk with shot guns pulled, raised, pointed at a house in a residential neighborhood. it was totally inappropriate. what i heard was the person had a knife. as far as i'm concerned, that's just -- and to shoot and kill is even more appropriate. >> reporter: the second officer-involved shooting in three days. they killed a man following a chase in east oakland when the man ran from the gun and showed two guns. last weekend a police officer with the oakland schools shot and killed a 20-year-old man as he sat with a woman in a stolen
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car near a skyline high dance. the schools say brown was shot as he stabbed at a police officer with a screwdriver. brown's mother told the san francisco chronicle police murdered her son saying he was not violent but a very sweet person who helped as many people as he could. besides the trauma of the people directly involved in the incident here at taft street you have to think about the lasting memory of the neighborhood. we saw a group of young girls tonight go to a birthday next door and took a moment to look and went outside. it is the sort of thing that lingers for a very long time. ann? >> i guess. don knapp, thank you very much. well, the body of a missing san rafael high school teacher has been found. 53-year-old debra schmitt disappeared 10 days ago leaving behind a note on her chalkboard. the search has ended for a
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missing 4-year-old boy. the car that police suspect jose rodriguez was used to kidnap the 4-year-old boy was pulled from the delta-mendota canal. he snatched the boy from his grandmother's arms in patterson eleven days ago. demonstrations around the world today in supports of protestors in egypt. there were also demonstrations in 10 american cities including san francisco. several hundred people gathered at market and montgomery waving egyptian flags calling for an end to the hosni mubarak regime. scott goldberg has the latest developments in egypt. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: a police van pushed protestors back in alexandria, egypt, but nothing has contained the anger spilling out all over the city.
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they lit vehicles on fire. attacked police stations. and rioted in the streets. an army commander warned a crowd of thousands in cairo to stay inside once night fell. but many ignored the 4:00 p.m. curfew. president hosni mubarak swore in a vice president for the first time in 30 years suggesting that the violent protests may have forced the leader to device succession plans. the u.s. had urged him to take concrete action before the new vice president was announced. hundreds of protestors gathered at the united nations saturday afternoon. one of more than a dozen demonstrations across the u.s. >> enough is enough. people are killing each other and you're using the army against the people now. >> reporter: the protestors say they came here to express solidarity with the people protesting on the streets in egypt and to call on the obama
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administration to take a tougher stand. more protestors gathered in paris. london. and beirut. at the white house president obama met with his national security team. the president reiterated the need for egypt to use restraint against the uprising. at the united nations scott goldberg for cbc news. the clouds rolling in. even some rain drops hitting the grounds. meteorologist lawrence karnow is saying more is on the way. >> yes. how about that? it has been some time since we have seen any rainfall around the bay area. today, it was some light showers. some heavy sprinkles showing up around the bay. still got some of the activity up there that is moving on by with a cold front but still more to come just making its way onshore. another band of moisture. taking a look at high-def doppler. heavier amounts of rainfall. more scattered showers in towards the santa rosa area.
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we are not done. this whole band just dragging down along the coastline starting out in the north bay first. see it still making its way in towards inverness. plenty more to come. will that be the end of the rain? we will talk about that coming up in just a bit. ann, back to you. >> checking other bay other headlines. a packed house in san jose as mayor chuck reed reached out to the community to get input on the city's budget priorities for the 2011/2012 fiscal year. members of neighborhood associations and youth commission were invited to give their suggestions at today's meeting. san jose is facing a projected $110 million deficit in the general fund in the next fiscal year. frustration over the second closure of an east bay university led to protests half a world away. tri-valley university in pleasanton left more than 1500 students locked out. activists clashed with police
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outside the office of the u.s. consul general demanding protection for the students here. 90% of the tri-valley students are from india. the school's founder is being investigated for charging tuition in exchange for illegal immigration documents. and east oakland has cut the ribbon on its new 21,000 square foot community library. it is the largest in the city and state of the art in one of the city's only municipal buildings with the highest rating given for environmental energy efficiency. also the first to be a joint public school and community facility and will serve two adjacent campuses. a dog beaten, shot and left for dead got a joyful welcome home today. kevin got out of the house last month and was found near death on the side of the road. he was hospitalized and ran up vet bills of $10,000. so many people wanted to help
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that the owners held a welcome home party and fund-raiser for him. back to business for one bay area lawmaker. the commitment of jackie spear. cal train. what riders are proposing to keep the train running. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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met today with people on the congress on your corner will continue. jackie spear met today with people in san carlos and said a shooting in tucson that left six dead and her colleague wounded will not sway her. >> i think it is an important message to send to everyone that engaging with your member of congress will continue. that we are not afraid. >> spear introduced a resolution designating the first saturday in january as national congress on your corner day in honor of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. people on the peninsula frustrated over the latest news about their cal train service.
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more now on some of the suggestions to keep the train service on track. >> we are devastated. >> reporter: caltrain cuts seem inevitable starting july 1st. >> no trains in the early morning. no midday trains. no evening trains. no weekend trains. no special services to the giants games. >> how -- how are we going to get from point a to point b when we have to work. >> reporter: this is a record deficit this time after three years of fare increases. one third of the operating budget. >> if they raise the prices and everything and now they say they have no money. >> reporter: prices did rise january 1st. >> raising fares doesn't close a $30 million gap. >> welcome to caltrain. >> reporter: most of the budget comes from san francisco, san mateo and santa clara county agencies which are hemorrhaging money themselves. one solution, a new tax.
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>> convincing the electorate to say yes to a tax. that's steep. >> you want to make sure the transit system works. >> reporter: without caltrain there could be 20,000 more vehicles a day on 280 and 101. more about the cuts and public hearings to come. on the peninsula, cbs5. some showers moving towards the bay area. lawrence has our pinpoint forecast next. the ,,
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not a lot of rain but enough to do damage on the highways. there was a five-car pileup on 680. >> sometimes a little moisture makes it very slick on the freeways. heavy sprinkles around the bay area. weak cold front moving on through but that's the most amount of precipitation we have seen. we haven't been able to get any rain going here in the middle of winter but looks like it is back now. we have got showers showing up around the bay area and more to come. outside a lot of clouds around the city of san francisco and around most of the bay area you've got mostly cloudy skies. another band of moisture just making its way onshore now and that will bring with it some more rainfall. high-def doppler is picking up on some of the showers outside right now. you can see that system just making its way onshore as we speak. we had scattered light showers with the weak cold front move
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through earlier today but this one looking to be a little more substantial so this should really bring some rain down. down into santa rosa now and petaluma more showers in that direction as well. continuing down towards invarness. and mill valley. more sitting off the coastline. this whole band will start to slide in along the peninsula in the next hour or so. so, yes, more rain around the bay area and still more off the coastline. so, finally getting things going rain wise. cold front kind of barreling on through as high pressure has been camping out here the last couple weeks but this front sliding on in bringing light showers but this is making its way behind it. i think tomorrow morning you'll see some showers early on in the morning. maybe even the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm early on. then by the afternoon a little sunshine and maybe a couple rainbows too. numbers runs in the 40s and 50s. if you're traveling around the state be prepared for rainfall in the monterey bay area. fresno as well. high country. we have snow finally up there. winter weather advisory is going up at about 4500 feet.
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could see some snow. yes, down to about that level. maybe about a foot or so as you head above 7000. as we are expecting the system to dive on through, sliding right on near the bay area that will keep things going overnight tonight. i think the main event really as we head into the early morning hours, rainfall, yes, we got did out there now. more to come as we head throughout the night tonight, computer models picking up pretty good. continuing on and off throughout the night. but the main band, main area of low pressure swinging by as we head into early tomorrow morning so wet beginning to the day but if you sleep in just a couple of hours you know what, most of that will clear out looks like as we head into the afternoon and then we are talking about some sunshine. so i think we may even squeeze a couple rainbows as we head into the afternoon hours as well. how about this? temperatures are going to stay on the cool side. plan on temperatures mainly in the 50s as we will keep things down quite a bit. but not for long. high pressure building into the bay area. looks like again we are going to dry things out for quite awhile. so this may be the last storm system for the next maybe 7, 10
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days or so before things get going again. staying high and dry. looks like sunny and bright as we head into the middle of the week. that's a look at the weather. here is kim coyle with sports. >> thank you, lawrence. as spring training gets closer the as think they can be this year's version of the giants. and it was moving day at torrey pines. tiger and phil going in opposite directions. that's next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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open turned into the kim clijsters show... beginning with a post match interview where she
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confronted a reporter who thought she was pregnant... the kim clijsters show beginning with a post-match interview where she confronted a reporter that thought she was pregnant. >> let me say what was written in the message. first of all, it said she looks really grumpy and her boobs are bigger. >> my goodness. >> the first ever chinese player to make it to a grand slam final. she won the first set and then kim clijsters won the second set. the u.s. champ can now add australian champ to her resume. while she dominated on the court, kim's biggest challenge during her stay in melbourne came at the airport. >> we flew to melbourne and at the airport in sydney i actually took my front tooth and we got to the airport and we were waiting for the luggage and everyone was good luck from melbourne, you can do it and i was like thank you, i couldn't even open my mouth.
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i was so embarrassed. on to the pga. jay haas won in torrey pines in 1978. years later his son bill is in position to do the same thing. here is one way to not pay $20 for parking. tiger is nine shots back. phil mickelson, 2011 debut, going much better. the great tee shot on the par 3 16. he moves to the top of the leaderboard at 12 under. bill haas will have a chance to win on sunday. he lost last week in a playoff and will begin the final playoff tied for the lead with phil mickelson. beating gonzaga thursday night. hitting the three before the half to bring st. mary's within two. scoring a season high 32 points. but portland opened the second half on a 27-2 run.
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freshman tim douglas a perfect 4-4 from downtown. he leads them with 26 points. then it is jason haniball putting the exclamation point on the win. 85-70 the final. the first loss in league play for st. mary's. jerome randall all smiles when his team gained the lead. cal's lead was cut to 1. under 5 minutes to play. gutierrez missing the floater but tips it back out. two passes later it is back in gutierrez's hands and he drills the three. put cal up 6. he was just 2-11 from the field. then it is gutierrez to a cutting allen crab for the layup. 18 points for the bear's freshman. cal holds off oregon 85-77 for their third straight win. over on the women's side
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stanford blew out their opponent. cal also swept the oregon schools this weekend. they beat the ducks 81-65. so much for the warriors making up ground during their longest home stand in over 40 years. they have lost four straight and last night they blew an eight-point lead with 90 seconds to play. >> missed it so badly that it banked in. >> steven jackson scored a game high 31 points against the former team. captain jack and the bobcats staying hot in overtime hitting their first seven shots to beat the warriors 121-113. at 19-27 the warriors are now five and a half games out of the eighth and final playoff spot in the west. they will try and snap the losing streak tomorrow night against the jazz. pitchers and catchers report in two weeks.
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two of the newest members know that all of the optimism in this off season is because of the pitching staff. >> there is not a c.c. sabathia on the staff but they led withnary e.r.a.s. >> where the giants were a couple years ago. have you heard tha ? >> there are some comparisons. the giants won the world series and went on to have a great year. they are talking about the as' potential. it could be the as of 2011. what do you think of that uniform you're wearing? >> it is blinding me a little bit. [ laughter ] >> i think i'm starting to lose my accent. they say i'm starting to sound like an american. >> the as have been the most
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active team this off season in major league baseball but the mariner's general manager today squashed reports that chone figgins could be coming to the as. so we will have to see how that plays out. >> it will be a good year for baseball in the bay year. feels like. >> it will be. >> watch the as. they are going to be good. >> thank you, kim. if you drive in san francisco you know how easy it can be to get a parking ticket but soon they may be able to get those tightly regulated permits. that's it for this edition of cbs5 eyewitness news. we will see you again at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. good night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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